ACC Procedure Suite Remodel , University of Utah


Project Budget

FFKR Architects

Project Architect

4500 SF

Project Size



May 2022 To December 2022


The University of Utah



The Ambulatory Care Center (ACC) Procedure Suite Remodel project at the University of Utah required care and precision as it was located on an active operating floor. The project included the addition of two new procedure rooms equipped with medical gas and boom lights, along with pre and post-op spaces and a new anteroom. Additionally, restrooms, decontamination areas, and nurse stations were updated, totaling 4,500 SF of construction in total.


Collaborating closely with the ACC staff, the Gramoll team planned and executed the project to minimize disturbances to adjacent rooms, surgeries in progress, and the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) situated on the floor above. The Gramoll team created detailed four-week pace plans in collaboration with the nursing staff to schedule necessary shutdowns strategically, ensuring services at the ACC went uninterrupted. Through planning, communication, and a commitment to excellence, Gramoll Construction successfully completed this remodel with no interruptions to operations.

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