Entertainment Arts & Engineering, University of Utah


Project Budget

GSBS Architects

Project Architect

15,000 SF

Project Size



April 2016 To August 2016


The University of Utah



The Entertainment Arts and Engineering (EAE) Building remodel at the University of Utah transformed the former Law Library into a 15,000 SF space tailored to the EAE department’s needs. Key upgrades included structural floor infills, glass floor panels, and new entrances and windows cut into an existing brick wall. Classrooms, offices, storage space, a break room, conference rooms, and circulation spaces were created.


Finishes inside the building were high-end glazing and LVT flooring, with glass floor look-throughs and resin paneling.  One notable feature was the installation of bulletproof glass flooring, allowing natural light from the atrium to illuminate the entire building. Card reader access, 17 security camera locations, and over 170 data ports were added to support the EAE department’s technology needs.


The project included an accelerated 3-month construction schedule in order to accommodate students for the fall semester. Gramoll successfully managed subcontractors and deliveries, despite the accelerated schedule and limited parking space, through meticulous scheduling. By fall semester, the remodeled building was ready to provide a new, dynamic environment for students and faculty in the innovative field of Entertainment Arts and Engineering.

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