Midway Fish Hatchery


Project Budget


Project Architect

40,800 SF

Project Size

Value Based CM/GC


April 2007 – May 2008


Division of Wildlife Resources/DFCM



The Midway Fish Hatchery project was a complete demolition and rebuild. Included in the facility was a new hatchery building, raceway building, aeration tower, waste treatment facility, and three new wells.


The hatchery building included a reception area, administrative offices, egg incubation area, and hatchery area. The 650-foot raceway building housed 2,400 feet of 6-foot-wide x 6-foot-deep concrete raceways for raising fish. Low head oxygen generators at 200-foot intervals maintain proper water oxygen levels. The aeration tower and media clean the well water prior to use in the hatchery and raceways. The waste treatment facility gathers waste from the hatchery and the raceways and processes it for allowable disposal. Three new wells were installed to supply water to the facility due to whirling disease present in the groundwater, and stream previously suppling the facility.


With a staff of four, the hatchery supplies nearby Strawberry Reservoir of nearly 200,000 pounds of fish per year.


  • Intermountain Contractor – Best of 2008 “Best Industrial Project”

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