Red Butte Garden Water Conservation Garden


Project Budget

MGB+A Architects

Project Architect

3 Acres

Project Size



April 2015 To August 2016


Red Butte Garden



The Water Conservation Garden at Red Butte Garden is a three-acre development located northeast of the Children’s Garden. The project features retaining walls, a pond, stone paving, and ADA-compliant pathways within a planted conservation display garden. Several structural steel arbors, railings, and trellises were incorporated into the design, showcasing various stone masonry and paving techniques.


This project exemplifies sustainable landscaping practices. Midway through the project, the sprinkler system was redesigned to utilize drip irrigation, ensuring the most effective water conservation technique available.


The garden educates visitors on the importance of water conservation and serves as a showcase for water conservation techniques. Native and adaptive plant species are displayed in the garden to provide the public with learning opportunities about conservation methods and inspire smart plant ideas for their own landscapes.

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